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Dear customer wellcome in DIAFIL web site,
with your visit you got the opprtunity to know our company .

It was started up in 1974 by Enzo Innocenzi for the production and dealing of electroplated diamond tools. In 1993 we start, first in Italy , the production of resin bonded diamond abrasives to polish marbles, travertines, granites, ceramics, gress, terrazzo, concrete and Venetian s floors ...

Today is  pleasure for us to present our full diamond tools and abrasives range, result of an 40years experience, research, experimentation and love for our job.

Our diamond tools and abrasisves range , enclose electroplated , sintered , brazed welded  and resin bonded diamond tools to cut , grind , polish , clean and mantainance of natural and syntetic stones, today used in world of costruction and floors !!!  

- diamond tools to cut and square blocks in quarries and laboratories
(cutting discs ,wires,cables ,beads )

- diamond tools to drill and engrave  ( tools , CNC tools , drilling tools ... )
- diamond tools for artistic works of natural stones (sculpture tools,shaft discs,rasps,files,hand pads...)

- diamond tools to shape and grind ( wheels for grooves, shaping, with rotatory thouchers ...)
- diamond abrasives to polish natural and sintetic stones in laboratory
(for radial arm, polishing-edge, polishing bull-nose, frankfurt , fickert ...) 

- diamond abrasives to polish by handly machines (diam 50,75,100, 125,150 mm. inch in dry or wet)
- abrasives to antique ( in silicium carbide, inox steel or diamond files )
- diamond abrasives to polish ceramic tiles with multi-heads automatic machines
(connections :Terzago , Ancora , Fichert 85 ,140 and 170 mm)

- diamond metallic and resin bonded abrasives  to polish every type of floors using automatic machines, monobrush and planetary system.
- diamond pads to  mantainance , clean and polish marbles , granite, concrete ceramic ad terrazzo    floors
- polishing powders ( for marble , terrazzo , granite , concrete gress etc ... )

- diamond pastes , prepared in different concentrantions following the specific requests and needs to polish
- components and accessories ( flanges, reductions, connection for planetaries, QRS sheet, bi adhesive, magnetic connections etc ... )

Every year we are present in the most important  exibitions: Marmomacc (Verona), Big Five (Dubai),  Piedra (Madrid), Bauma (Monaco), Worl of Concrete (USA),Izmir (Turchia)...    An efficient logistic net permitt us to garanty a quick time of delivery , warranting  low costs and times (12 hrs in Italy, 24 in UE and 3/4 days Asia, America, Australia and Oceania ) 

It is a proud  if you would like to become our partner, to grow up togheter.

We remain to you for everything you may need, wishing a nice sealing in www.diafil.it.

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