Diafil company was started up in 1974 by Enzo Innocenzi for the production of electroplated tools . In 1993 we followed up fthe production of resin bonded diamond abrasives to polish marbles, travertines, granites, ceramics, stone ware , terrazzo, concrete and Venetian s floors.
Today we present our full diamond tools and abrasives range, result of years experience, research, experimentation and love for our job.
Our diamond tools and abrasives production enclose : electroplated, sintered, brazed - welded and resin bonded diamond tools to cut , grind, polish, clean and mantainance of natural and syntetic stones.

  • to cut marbles, granites, stones, agglomerates and syntetic stones  
  • to cut PVC ,graphite, fiber glass and  glasses  
  • to drill and to engrave
  • for sculpture and artistic works 
  • to shape and to grind 
  • to grind and polish 
  • to for handly polishing  
  • to polish floors using grinding machines, monobrush and planetary system machines
  • to mantainance , to clean , to polish and for micro polishing  floors
  • polishing products and powders
  • accessories

Every year we are present in the most important exibitions.

An efficient logistic net permitt us to warranty a quick time for delivering with low costs and times.

(12 hrs in Italy, 24 in UE and 3/4 days Asia, America, Australia and Oceania)

We will be a proud to allow you as our business partner.

Enjoy visiting diafil.it !!!



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